How content marketing beats traditional marketing

There are many ways in which content marketing varies from traditional marketing.

Content marketing is a popular trend in marketing circles. While the goal is the same – to promote your business – there are many ways in which content marketing varies from traditional marketing.

As the preferred marketing tool for today’s businesspeople, content marketing has now surpassed public relations, print, television and radio marketing. Below, we detail some of the reasons why content marketing is many entrepreneurs’ first choice.

Search engine optimization

One of the most useful aspects of content marketing is that it’s an effective form of search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the practice of using relevant keywords to appear at the top of online searches. Content marketing plays a huge role in getting your web page listed on the first page of search results. The major search engines that complete these searches are:

  • Google – the world’s most popular search engine.
  • Baidu – a Chinese search engine that has the second largest searches per annum.
  • Yahoo! Search – the third largest search engine on the web.

When blogging for your business, the trick is to produce content that uses words and phrases that are relevant to the work you do. For example, if you offer an environmentally-conscious home cleaning service, then using keywords such as ‘eco-friendly cleaning service’ and ‘green home cleaners’ may help your content – and your business – stand out from the online crowd.

Relatively low cost

Traditional advertising such as newspapers, radio and television ads can be expensive. It’s even more expensive if you’re trying to reach a large audience.

Using content marketing to supplement your advertising budget will allow you to reach more potential customers while keeping your overall marketing budget from ballooning.

Starting a blog

Writing your own blog posts may save money in your budget for other expenses. Even if you don’t consider yourself a natural writer, keep in mind that nobody knows your business like you do, and you can always work with an editor to fine-tune your work.

If you decide to hire someone else to help you create content, you’ll likely still pay less than you would for many traditional advertising methods.

Focusing on your target market

Content marketing lets you focus on your target market, often more effectively than traditional marketing. After identifying your customer profile, you can produce content that targets their concerns.

For example, if you run an auto detailing shop, you might write blog posts featuring tips about cleaning cars or protecting paint. This type of relevant information might let you attract customers by appealing to the issues that matter to them – and, you’ll likely get the right kind of customers for your business because they’re drawn to your particular beliefs.

If you haven’t yet factored content marketing into your overall sales and marketing plan, at the very least consider starting a blog. It could be exactly what your business needs to begin its next phase of growth.

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