These templates cover all the common calculations and records small businesses need most often.

Charge out rate template

To accurately price your hourly fee it’s important to account for overhead costs and unbillable time. Ideal for service-based businesses, use this template to calculate your hourly rate.


Marketing budget template

A marketing plan outlines where you'll spend your time and money to promote your business. This template gives you some ideas on how to allocate your funds.


Product pricing template

The amount of money you charge for your product will determine the market you must target. Calculate your product price using this handy template. Be sure to present your figures to an accountant for important feedback.


Profit and Loss forecast template

While cash flow measures money entering and exiting your business, your profit and loss statement (also known as Income Statement) records revenue, expenses and profit. Update your profit and loss forecast to show lenders the bottom-line impact of your growth plans.



Cashflow forecast template

This Adobe pdf template will help you forecast your cash flow over the next 12 months.


Cashflow receivables worksheet

Use this pdf template to conduct an Accounts Receivable Aging Analysis.